I think this might be why, of all the new series’ companions, I don’t like Martha Jones.

Rose, Donna and Amy didn’t want to leave ‘My Doctor’, ‘Raggedy Man’ or ‘Spaceboy’, but they didn’t have a choice.

Martha Jones just walked away.

Martha’s family had just gone through a year of hell.  A year of being TORTURED, a year where they were threatened with DEATH every day, a year where they saw horrors unimaginable.  They needed her

Martha herself just went through a year of hell.  A year where she was hunted every day.  A year where there was a special forces unit tasked with doing nothing but tracking her down.  A year where she saw an entire country burn in front of her eyes.  A year where she witnessed more death and destruction than any one person should ever have to.  A year where she saved the universe not with magic TARDIS/Metacrisis/Universe crack powers but with her own brains, cunning, determination and willpower.  She needed her family.

She had also just spent a year in love with a man who didn’t love her back.  A man who was often dismissive of her thoughts and feelings.  A man who she had to watch fall in love with another woman and accuse her of being his executioner after two months of going from being a doctor to a maid in an era when she was thought of as less than a person because of the color of her skin.  Then three more month of working in a shop to support him.  Her thanks for those things was “thank you” and a hug.  She went through a year where she TIME AND AGAIN proved herself, delivered the impossible and yet was judged unworthy just because she wasn’t someone she’d never met.  And THEN the year of literal hell. 

Put yourself in her shoes for just a minute.

She made absolutely the right decision, for her own mental and emotional well being, and for her family’s.  She still cared for him, she gave him a lifeline back to her, but she couldn’t survive in that environment anymore, having her self esteem torn down every day after she had proved over and over just how amazing she was.

If you don’t like Martha Jones I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life.

This should be a reason to fucking love Martha Jones. I just can’t abide an opinion that’s basically, “I don’t like this female character because her life didn’t revolve around this male character and she decided to do what was right for her own happiness instead of sacrificing everything for him.” 



The “so this is me, getting out” speech is when I fell completely IN LOVE with Martha’s character.





Surprise! Alabama Town Accidentally Invites Black Drag Queens to Perform in Christmas Parade

Semmes, Alabama is a town of some 3,000 mostly white and conservative people located just outside of Mobile, Alabama. The town puts on an annual Christmas parade that is organized by a group called Friends of Semmes, and this year, the group unwittingly invited some guests that they apparently did not vet so well, considering the audience that the guests would be performing for.

Those guests were none other than the Prancing Elites, a group of five young black men from Mobile who happen to be gay. They have been around since 2006 and were formed in part because males were not allowed to audition for the dance teams in their schools. Their style of dance is called “j-setting”, a form of cheerleader style hip hop. It also happens to be, according to the Prancing Elites Kickstarter page, very popular in southern black gay nightclubs.

So with all of this in mind, you can imagine that when the Prancing Elites showed up for the Semmes, Alabama Christmas parade to perform, dressed in skimpy Santa Claus outfits and wearing makeup, that their act was going to go over like a lead balloon.

Prancing Elites leader Kentrell Collins said: “We are no different than any team out there dancing. We want people to stop looking at gender and focus on the talent,” he said. “It’s OK for a woman to put on tights and play football but when a man wants to put on leotard and tights, it’s a problem.”

Viva Prancing Elites and their courage to perform in defiance of bigotry!

these group members are so elegant, in handling the pure hatred coming toward them. definitely watch the video of their dancing and their interview, linked in the title.

dance on *s

Can you imagine being a tiny queerby and realize who was dancing down your street at the annual christmas parade?

Can you imagine for the first time in your life seeing people who were THEMSELVES dancing down the street at you?

Can you imagine how that would feel, knowing for the first time, you weren’t alone?